As many “experts” emerged on the automotive market who upload a ready-made software (often with different numbers from the controller!) we inform you that any soft processed by us is made individually for each car! Cars consume at different rates, so upload the finished program to a less worn out car may not produce the expected benefits and to the more worn out car can damage the engine or components of the car! The next thing is the quality processing software. We have seen many softwares modified by amatures in a way that only harms the engine and turbocharger! 

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service. We are active users on multiple forums so we are very close to customers from across the Poland and Europe. We use advanced technology and high quality equipment that we use creates a positive experience for the driver. Many drivers have trusted the TC-perfromance and were not disappointed, because we never leave the customer alone with a problem.

The TC-PERFORMANCE company is a group of enthusiasts for whom chiptuning is a topic for about 18h a day, so as a customer you are dealing with people who care about your car as their own! We are in constant touch with the best tuners in the world, among which we have friends. We guarantee satisfaction with the services!